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Revised District Calendar for 2020-2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Revisions to the 2020-2021 school calendar were approved at the October 13, 2020 BOE Meeting.  In particular, conferences were previously scheduled on November 2nd - November 4th, but our school schedules do not afford teachers with the necessary time to support the conference schedule.  As we previously indicated, the Governor has directed schools to close on Election Day (11/3), however, he has permitted districts to follow a remote learning schedule.  Our principals will work with our teachers to design asynchronous lessons for students on November 3rd, simulating a 4.5 hour day schedule.  Therefore, our teachers will be available throughout the day on November 3rd to work with parents to schedule conferences.   As a result, we have removed November 2nd and November 4th as early dismissal/parent conference days from the calendar, and we have indicated that parent conferences will be scheduled for November 3rd which will be a remote learning day for students.

In August, it was our intention to frontload as many days in the front of the school year as possible.  This included working with the MPEA to count November 5th and November 6th (NJEA Convention) as school days for students and staff.   At this time, we are finding challenges securing substitutes for the numerous staff interested in attending the professional development sessions.  Therefore, we will reinstate the previously scheduled NJEA Convention break, and no school will be in session on November 5th and November 6th.  Consequently, two additional days will be added to the school calendar.  We appreciate our outstanding staff members' desires to continue enhancing their skill set to navigate this new learning environment.  
Please Click Here to access the revised 2020-2021 School Calendar.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may pose to our families, and I appreciate your flexibility and understanding.