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MPSD Awarded Silver District Distinction by Future Ready-NJ

Dear Parents & Guardians,


It is with great honor that I share with you that the Morris Plains School District has been awarded as a Future Ready Schools-NJ Silver Distinction District.  


Morris Plains School District is one of 4 districts in the state that were eligible for Silver Distinction, the highest Future Ready Schools-NJ certification currently available.  Our eligibility comes from the fact that, in 2018, all of our schools were recognized as FRS-NJ Silver Certified. In recognizing that the Morris Plains School District is a leader in innovative and future ready practices, we submitted for our Silver Distinction certification in the 2019 certification cycle.   


Based on MPSD’s previous achievements of Bronze and Silver Certification, the recommendations of each of the three FRS-NJ theme community leadership teams, and the status of the submission requirements, Morris Plains School District has officially been awarded FRS-NJ Silver District Distinction.  As a district of Silver Distinction, we have been recognized for our positive contributions in the areas of community engagement, supporting innovative practices, celebrating accomplishments, mentoring other FRS-NJ districts, and serving as a leader for future ready education in New Jersey and beyond.


We are fortunate to have an incredible community of Board of Education members, district and school leadership, staff, parents, students, and stakeholders who support innovation in our schools and value the vision of preparing students for their futures.  The Morris Plains School District is a true leader of innovation in instructional practice, technology, and leadership (the three themes that align with the FRS-NJ Framework). We have had the distinct pleasure of hosting many site visits, mentoring other districts around the state, presenting at local and national conferences, and becoming a catalyst to support change in education.  The Morris Plains School District is proud to identify as a truly Future Ready school district.


Kind Regards,


Christine Lion-Bailey

Director of Technology & Innovation