I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself. I
    am very honored to have been working here at Borough for the past 18years.  I
    myself attended the Borough School and graduated in 1991.  I obtained a
    Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Education with a minor in Special Education
    from the College of Stt. Elizabeth.  After college, I was hired by the Roseland
    School District as the World Language Teacher.  There I created and implemented
    a Spanish Program for grades k-3.  One year later, I applied to Borough School
    and was hired as a Special Education Teacher.  Since then, I have obtained a
    Master's Degree in Education with a concentration on teaching strategies from

    My philosophy of education reflects why being a teacher is so important to me. 
    Education is about discovering the special skills and talents of children and
    guiding them in their learning.  Children need to develop a sense of worth and
    dignity, to develop their own creativity, and to strive to make themselves be
    the best they can be.  I love working with children and I love the personal
    satisfaction I get from helping children to understand and retain the
    information that has been taught.  I believe that teachers should set up
    guidelines of expected behavior which are attainable and reasonable.  I
    understand that all children are unique in their own way and I know I will do my
    best to accommodate them to their own needs.  One of my major goals as a teacher
    is to promote all children's social, emotional, academic, and physical growth.